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Secret Erlang project finally taking shape…

For about 4-5 months now I have scribbled, pondered, sketched, asked diffuse questions to colleagues and played around with wxErlang. When I finally had a clear picture of how I wanted it I abandoned the duct tape programming and continued on to the extreme programming style.

Today I had a big break through… I was able to finish something that has taken me more then 2 weeks to solve. It has also meant hacking a small part of the wx_object module that comes with wxErlang. I sent an email to the erlang-bugs mailing list and had 1 response… but I hope the bug of the second question will be fixed. I’m going to post a patch to erlang-patches soon.

I have also discovered something. Test driven development in this case sucks, it is so time consuming and so stupid that I will never ever touch it again (in this project). Test driven development only work if you use small components with clear interfaces which can be isolated (fairly) easy from other parts of the system… otherwise there is no use. I don’t want to have to spend 90% of my time writing stubs which I have to change every 5 minutes just to be able to run the tests… it’s stupid!

I use test driven development (kind of, no one I have ever met in my life does TDD 100% they way it is suppose to be done) every single day, but in a way that makes sense. In this type of project, a project that has to do with wxErlang and GUIs, it is a complete waste of time. I’m going to use a more structured approach where when ever I hit a question I want to answer I go back to the drawing board and redesign and build prototypes and then add the solution to the main branch without creating a single test case. The tests I can write afterwards… there is no shame in using a hammer to hammer down a nail, and a screw driver to screw down a screw. Face it.. TDD isn’t always going to work…

Until then… I have some more issues to resolve 🙂

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