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more wxErlang bugs…

I’ve found two more bugs in wxErlang. The library is definitely not done yet but it has come really far. I guess it’s just a matter of people using it and ironing out the bugs. It looks really promising and GUI programming with Erlang is going to be as easy as a snapp (well… ehm…. almost :D)

The first bug occurs when net_kernel isn’t started before you create and object and then start net_kernel and the object is called (kindof). I had a temporary fix for that but Dan Gudmundsson is going to fix it in better way… my patch was simply a workaround.
details here: http://www.nabble.com/wxe_server-bug–%28and-patch%29-td25890987.html

Second bug is a bit strange and I don’t have it confirmed yet that it is a bug. It happens when you try to destroy an object from an event callback. E.g. if you create a frame, then connect left_down event, handle the event in a callback and destroy the frame then you can not create a new frame until the process has returned from the callback function.
details here: http://www.nabble.com/wx_object-locks-td25925583.html


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