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Renaming ntop to entop

So the ntop application I released yesterday has received pretty nice feedback from friends and unknowns but apparently there is another ntop application out there; the “other” ntop is “Network Top” and is found at www.ntop.org. So I’m changing the name of my ntop to entop! It is a corny name… I know… but I liked the name ntop so this will just have to work + google doesn’t show anything software related when searching for entop (except for some Finish stuff which doesn’t look software related :D) so I just picked that name.

So… ntop is now entop which stands for “Erlang Node top”. Enjoy it here:


Also; here is a new screen shot! It looks exactly the same as the previous one… but says entop 😛

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  1. Adam
    2010/08/17 at 15:05

    Awesome work! Now where is the color version? 🙂

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