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Erlang User Conference 2010 and late night ideas

Erlang User Conference; The 16th of November. The place where everyone who is serious about Erlang will be. I’ll be there… (obviously :P) If you feel like having a chat just look me up! But DON’T give me verbal bug-reports ok! promise!? good 🙂

I will also be running a tutorial on dbg (and a little about ttb), it will be the day before on the conference, the 15th. You can look at what tutorials there are and the schedule for the tutorials here: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/testingtutorialworkshop2010 and if you haven’t registered… you are missing out.

Tomorrow I’m running a dry-run for my colleagues. I’m sure there will be good feedback.

On other news… I got the idea to hook up ttb to a sequence diagram software that then creates some DSL code which then (using a system specific generator, call it “compiler”) compiles a test case. That way one can run a trace, if this trace is successful (everything looks as it should) one could argue that a test with the same input should always work (depending on what factors that are dynamic) and thus can use it as a system regression test. Hmmmmm….

Sounds too complicated to fly though, I’ll see what grows out of this one. I hate having hundreds of ideas and not enough time/motivation to realize many of them.

See you at the EUC! Don’t be late! 😛

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