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My New Employeer and Erlang, Java, C, C++, Python and C#

So a few days ago I started working with HiQ here in Göteborg. Looking forward to some interesting project we have talked about. It sounded like an interesting company to work for. We spoke a bit about Erlang and how Göteborg doesn’t have much use of it 🙂 but we also spoke about more mainstream technologies like Java, C, C++, Python, C# and how they shouldn’t be a problem except frustration that they (in some fields) suck compared to Erlang. Anyway I’m interested in what is coming. Somewhere next week I’m hoping to get assigned somewhere and hopefully I’ll be allowed to say were. I really felt bad for another company I turned down because the guy I spoke to was very interesting to talk to and we had a great conversation… but I’m happy with my decision.

So about Erlang; This latest development does NOT mean that Erlang is out the window on the contrary I will now have more time for doing things I want to do myself in Erlang and I’m more motivated to do them since I’m not sitting with Erlang every day also I’m free to release everything I wish (obviously as long as it is not code written on company time and/or company equipment or for company purpose). The past week I’ve thought out a few ideas I would like to implement along with one idea I’ve had since University which actually doesn’t have anything to do with Erlang but I think would be really cool to do. More about that… well… whenever who’s waiting anyway 🙂

At work my initial projects will probably be in C++ which can be interesting. For me C++ is a language which I “understand” and have seen and heard a lot about but never actually used. I’ve taken a more close look at it now and it doesn’t seem that bad until I reached templates and overloading operators that’s when shit started getting weird. It’s like someone had a sadistic sense of humour and wanted to screw peoples’ mind up but then again that is what I’ve heard about Erlang syntax and functional programming in general (Clojures, Currying, Higher order functions, Lazy evaluation and recursion anyone? =)) so this will absolutely be interesting.

As for my open source projects I have plans to continue a little on Cecho and Entop because for some mysterious reason I lost interest in them for a while and didn’t touch them despite having many ideas for them. We’ll see how it goes, besides since I’m working with C++ now I was thinking about creating a small scalable 2D game server in Erlang and use C++ (or perhaps even Java) to create the clients for it; idea should be rather simple RPG like running around like Link and collect coins and killing monsters and getting exp etc… The graphics will be a stretch because I’m not very good at it but who knows.

I have so many ideas right now it is ridiculous. There are so many projects, products and gadgets I would like to try out or implement and I probably won’t have time for even 1% of them but I like that I’m not short of ideas.

This weekend though I’m doing a post on generating Mazes in Erlang based on this great blog post by a fellow named Jamis Buck. I’m also taking his tip on making it my default project for new languages which means I’ll be implementing this in Object Oriented C++ at some point. Haha! THAT should be interesting 😛

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  1. Ali Yakout
    2011/02/16 at 23:34

    Hay Mazen, miss u buddy…
    Congratulations on ur new job. I’m sure u’ll love Erlang more when u go through ur first C++ bug 🙂 Gcc, Gdb old memories…
    Good luck man

  2. Abdul-Fattah Mahran
    2011/02/17 at 07:38

    Good luck Mazen 🙂

  3. Martin
    2011/02/18 at 06:37

    Tried the maze generator problem with JS and canvas, quite fun! A good compliment to my usual http server routine 🙂

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