Mazen Harake, I’m 28, I’m Lebanese born, grew up in Sweden, employed in London and currently working in Egypt. I am (foremost) an Erlang programmer but I like other languages as well.

The rest… are just details.

You can reach me at: <my first name in lowercase letters> then a dot then <my last name in lower case> then the sign that looks like an A but kind of has this twist or round-about to it and then the name of the email service that is provided by the search engine that everyone uses then a dot and then the three first letters in the word company.

Can’t figure it out? Well I guess you are not suppose to email me then 😉

Oh and by the way…

Opinions expressed here are solely my own, not my employer’s or anyone else’s unless explicitly stated!

It is my opinion that it is stupid that I have to clarify that.

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